What’s holding you back from accomplishing your goal?

Posted on November 25, 2011


What holding me back?

As the new year emerged, I reflected on 2011 goals, and what I had achieved and what was holding me back from getting to the next level in my goals. The phrase “what story am I telling myself” kept rolling in my thoughts. As I contemplated on this, I realized just how many stories we tell ourselves, and others, to justify the status quo, to justify our behavior, to justify why we are resisting change, why we want to give up on something that we always wanted to do.

Some of our stories can be motivators, while others hold us back from desired change, from our own happiness and fulfillment and accomplishment of our goals.

In undertaking my own reflection, I chose to focus on the limiting beliefs and challenges that I was think about, and also made sure that I told my coach about them. I’m not willing to go through 2012 and not attain my goals this year.

So… what stories held you back from accomplishing your goal in 2011, and are you still telling yourself those stories too?

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