Do you have Monday’s as your marketing day?

Posted on November 28, 2011


Monday is a great day to Market

Marketing Mondays.

This is when I do my writing and all my marketing activities: preparing email blasts for my clients to be sent out, writing my blog, contacting my potential clients . And I might squeeze in a new clients IF I want!

Client Days
. Tues, Wed & Thurs

On a typical day I may start at 6am, after working out, after this makes me ready to start by day, take lunch from 1-2pm, then back to work 3-5pm or later if I have a EST client. I make client appointments to fit MY schedule, MY plan.

Fridays are now Fun Fridays and for Re-evaluation.

I have a morning mastermind group to re-evaluating my goals, but after that my day is my own: I may read, have lunch with a friend, and maybe another 1-2 clients, if I choose.

Your schedule may be different than mine — just make sure it has plenty of time for YOU, so you can have plenty of energy for clients!

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