Great sales people or teams have always known …

Posted on November 29, 2011


But now for the problem!

Most small business owners spend countless man-hours and dollars making certain everyone on their sales team fully understands their company’s product and service offerings. This way they can become “Product Specialists” with a significant depth of knowledge on certain technologies, features, and functions. This has become the norm for many owners trying to find ways to differentiate their approach and provide additional value to their prospects and customers.

But now for the problem: when business spent all their time and or money on “Product Specialists” and not the same amount of time on “Clients Needs” there is a gap. When asked about the latest product to these sales teams, they can quote chapter and verse from product and service manuals inches thick.

Unfortunately, we are molding these folks to be better specialists, not better business or sales people. Great sales people or teams have always known that people who know there customers needs first and how they can serve them are the ones that have the highest sales, … and is this not what we are all wanting from our sales teams……more sales?

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