Make it extremely easy for people to find you.

Posted on December 21, 2011


As a micro-entrepreneur it is important that local customers are able to easily locate you. Even if you work from home, there is some advantage to advertising your business locally. There is nothing worse than losing customers to a local competitor or hearing someone say, “I wish I knew you were here last month when I really needed you.”

You can make it extremely easy for people to find you. The web is and has become the 21st century telephone book. People search for professional services and products online everyday. They search local online directories or will query their blog friends and social media platforms for advice on their problems and to make product recommendations.

Use Key Words! (click here)

Use your customers’ lingo in choosing your keywords.

This means you need to clearly identify your ideal customer and know what search terms they may be using to look for your business.

Think: What search terms would the average customer enter as search criteria.

What types of questions will my customers ask?
What goals are they trying to accomplish?
What problems do they want to solve?



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