There is NO EXCUSE for not following up

Posted on February 21, 2012


What’s your excuse?

What’s your excuse for not following up with new contacts after networking? It doesn’t really matter what your answer is because I’m here to tell you that the correct answer to the above question from this point on is:

There is NO EXCUSE for not following up, so don’t have one (your net-worth is tied to your network).

Many business owners still find every excuse under the sun not to follow up and the most common reasons they use are either that they’re not sure how to appropriately follow up or they don’t have time.

Here’s a great tip:

Use follow up templates: this will provide you with great time saving for this chore. Building relationships with the new contacts you make at networking events, may seem like a chore but remember (your net-worth is tied to your network). One more quick tip: Regardless of whether you choose to use these templates when writing follow up notes, always be sure to first remind the person of who you are and where you met so your note doesn’t get instantly discarded.

We all want to do business with people who follow up!

It’s no secret that we all want to do business with people whom we know and trust and follow up. So, how do you build rapport and create trust with new customers or when your networking? By offering value-added advice–solid, helpful information provided out of a genuine concern for another person in your follow up.

Look at it this way: few people are going to sign up to do business with you if they’re not sure you can do the job or if you don’t follow up.


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