We’ve all worked jobs we hated.

Posted on February 29, 2012


We were underpaid, under appreciated and bored out of our minds. We either quit these jobs or were fired for poor performance because we  just gave up. We’ve all worked jobs we hated.

Instead of taking the approach that it was a complete waste of time, you need to consider every job you had as an opportunity to learn something new that you can apply today to your success.  You need to take a new approach to your past experiences.

What if one of your terrible jobs had been what you needed to go through to come up with some ingenious ways of making money at it and learn a new skill for your business? A new skill of thinking different?

The point is that successful entrepreneurs don’t just “think different.” They translate that thinking into immediate action!

“Believe in yourself. If you doubt in yourself, you won’t be able to face your co-workers. Or the market, for that matter.”  Eile Batista

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