About MEspecialist

Are you a Micro-Entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed by the demands of your business? Are you asking, ” How  can I know that there is a  purpose for all this? Where is my business going? Will I even be able to fulfill the dream I have?”

With nearly 25 years in Business Development experience, and with the last eight as a Professional Coach and Author, Kenneth Manesse Sr. is the Founder & Director of 3 Dimensional Life and has been providing his knowledge and insights to M.E.’s. that want THRIVE.

“Much of my career has been as a business owner, the place I felt that I added the most value was when I was consulting with clients, talking with them on how to figure out what they wanted and needed and then building strategic plans to help them achieve their goals. Through the process, I built trust by listening to my client and focusing on their real needs, beyond the simple request”.

Do you feel like you are so busy, that you are  holding back on doing life? As a Micro-Entrepreneur you want your business to succeed but you can’t give any more hours or late nights. The dilemma: If you work, the family doesn’t get your attention. If you pay attention to your family, you feel guilty about business.

I want you to know that there is help! (Click Here)

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