Here are 5 ways to help you grow your business.

Posted on February 27, 2012


Use social media to grow your business?

Here are 5 ways they help grow your business:

1. Quick to Start. You could launch a Facebook page today or get a blog going in a few days.

2. Low Cost. You can get started in social media and blogging for very little or no money. They are among the most cost-effective methods of reaching your audience.

3. Instant Interactivity. Both blogs and social media can give you nearly instant market feedback – good or bad. You can get all kinds of feedback through the comments on your blog; people also leave reviews and other comments for you on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels.

4. It’s the Search Engines, Silly. Surveys indicate that 90% or more of people begin their purchasing process in search engines. Blogs and social media make it more likely that your prospects will find you online when they search.

5. First Advantage. For blogs and social media, there is an advantage to moving first. If you don’t jump into the conversation, your competitors will (if they have not already) and then you’re fighting an uphill battle to become influential in these online conversations.

Now are you determined to use Social Media to grow your business?

Determined people possess the stamina and courage to pursue their ambitions despite criticism, ridicule, or unfavorable circumstances.

What have you determined to do TODAY in Social Media?


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